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Chesterfield Post's Forum - Getting Chesterfield Talking!

One of the most important parts of The Chesterfield Post, our community based forum, where everyone can have their say!

The Chesterfield Post for Local News. A picture of the Town of Chesterfield.

Although, as this is a custom built forum, we may be ironing out a few glitches as we go, so if you find any problems, please let us know via our contact page or via the report icon. One of them is that for now, the Login/Register access will be via this page - it will soon be available in the normal drop down menu, but we are making further changes to the site as a whole before we do that.

Our forum is designed to be used as a friendly meeting place, a sounding board for lively discussions, a place to discuss your immediate local area, local issues such as roadworks, developments, schools or maybe just to let somebody know when something is happening or has happened, good and bad.

It's a place where you can express your views (without resorting to foul or abusive language) and opinions, but enjoy, respect and debate the views of everyone else too.

Maybe you need to put a request out to everyone because your cats gone walkabout, or get a 'neighbourhood watch' vibe going.

It's online, but is the perfect partner to your local post office's window, the one with all the little cards and posters on the window - you can use the forum for the same thing. There is a classifieds section, a way to let people know when you are having some sort of event for your club or association (although there's a page for that on the main site too!). It's a genuinely safe, secure and friendly way to keep in touch with your Chesterfield neighbours!

There are stringent security measures in place to keep the forum as safe as possible, as well as a forum-specific terms and conditions page which must be strictly adhered to after registering with absolutely NO bullying, obscene language, racism or any other form of anti-social behaviour being tolerated. Moderators will be online from the outset to keep an eye on things, and as more of you become regular users, we may elect to give those of you with 'the right stuff' admin privileges and to join the moderating team.

This forum is the 'heart' of the Chesterfield Post, it's whole 'reason for being'.

It is to celebrate the community and people of Chesterfield and provide a means of communication between us all and to provide useful, interesting and important information that is completely relevant to our wonderful town.

In the meantime, if you spot anything you need to tell us with the Forum, whether it's a glitch or abusive poster, then as mentioned, click the report button or icon and/or send us an email via the Contact page.

Hope to chat with you all soon!

Karen Johnson
The Chesterfield Post






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