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Rewiring Your Home: When Does It Become A Necessity?

Tuesday 27th September 2022

A full-house rewiring isn't just a hard job, but one that requires quite an investment. In some instances, however, it's a necessary evil if your wiring has become old, deteriorated or damaged in some way. How can you tell when it's time to rewire?

There are no set of rules to go by when it comes to rewiring an entire property. Even if wiring is fairly old, it doesn't mean that it isn't functional. The amount of wear that wiring experiences greatly depends on the age and quality of the materials.

To help you make this decision easier, it's best to have a professional electrician check your home's wiring every ten years, and every five years if it's a rental. This ensures that you know for a fact if something is wrong with your wiring, and an electrician can work with your budget to produce efficient results.

If your home is at least 30 years old, perhaps even older, there may need to be certain updates to the wiring. Modern standards are a far cry from 30 years ago, therefore, updating the fuse box for a more advanced modern unit is recommended. Most modern wiring features PVCu coated components and is gray or white in color. If you notice that yours has a worn rubber coating or is insulated by lead or fabric, rewiring may become a necessity.

Older faulty wiring puts your household at risk for an electrical fire. Of course, it's also cumbersome to deal with when it constantly blows or trips a fuse.

If you're looking to purchase an older home for yourself, make sure you know what condition the original wiring is in. A professional electrician can help you assess the condition of the wiring and also offer a pricing estimate for how much it would cost to make the necessary upgrades. Of course, even a newly built home with poorly constructed wiring can become a major problem!

Though fairly costly, think of rewiring your property as a way to modernize it and to customize it to your specifications. When rewiring, you have the option of adding extra sockets and switches for your appliances. What's more, you will have a much easier time selling an older home if the rewiring is done for potential buyers already. A must if you want a quick house sale.

If you're looking to undertake a major renovation project for your home, there's a good chance that you will need to have some rewiring work professionally completed. It's required by law that your renovation work meets local health and safety guidelines for buildings. For example, if you're looking to convert your garage or attic into livable space, your new addition will need to meet specific regulations in order to remain legal.

Warning Signs Your Home Needs Rewiring!

An older home that hasn't received an inspection from an electrician is often long overdue for a rewire.

Common signs may include: shocks from light switches, tripped breakers, exposed wiring or flickering and dimming lights.

If you're noticing these early signs that there's a problem with the wiring in your home, it's best to act quickly and call an electrician. They will have the ability to explain and highlight exactly what needs rewiring and how much money it will cost to do so.

How Much Is It To Rewire A Home?

Usually, it can cost thousands of pounds to rewire an entire property, but it really depends on the quality of the existing cabling in place.

In many instances, a whole house rewire isn't necessary and as long as the current cabling is sound with the ability to handle larger loads. Replacing an old fuse box for a few hundred pounds is usually the most affordable option and can eliminate the need to spend thousands on a complete rewire.

Most electricians will charge a set or fixed rate for their work based on the estimated time it will take to complete the job. It is also possible at this time to negotiate for better rates if you require additional sockets or switches in your home.

Additional Aspects Of Rewiring To Consider

Rewiring requires most rooms to be emptied in the home and may disrupt daily life.

As floor coverings and subflooring may need to be pulled up, rooms should get cleared out before the work begins. Rewiring may also affect the aesthetics of your drywall, which is why you need to plan to make any repairs or touch ups after the job is complete.

When rewiring a home, it's crucial to think like a modern home buyer. Where would you need additional sockets and switches in the home? Spending some time giving this a thought will allow you to sell your home faster should you look to do so later on.

Electrical Wiring In Areas Exposed To Water

Bathrooms and kitchens are often exposed to water which can increase the risk of electrocution.

Most cities have restrictions that are placed on how safe wiring should be carried out in areas where water exposure is highly likely. This may mean having restrictions placed on the number of sockets allowed or being told where they are allowed in terms of location.

Appliances that are placed in wet and humid areas of the home are also required by law to have moisture protection. This may include things such as ventilation systems and light fittings within the space.

Is It Okay To Take A DIY Approach To Rewiring?

Unlike most household tasks, rewiring a property comes with a number of health and safety risks, which is why it's crucial to hire a professional.

There are many safety risks associated with amateur wiring ranging from electrocution to a fire, and most importantly, your insurance won't pay for the damage incurred if you did the wiring yourself.

Though not illegal to perform DIY rewiring work, it is highly regulated, therefore, advised against. Depending on where you live, these rules and regulations are subject to change.

In the UK, for example, all rewiring work needs the approval of a committee if a homeowner has taken a DIY approach. This means the work needs to meet codes and regulations specific to your region.

Finding The Right Electrician

Go online and make sure to check out local directories to find properly licensed and insured electricians in your area.

Get at least three different electricians to quote you a price for the work so you can get an idea as to what's fair for your rewiring project.

Make sure to also ask for a written estimate that has an itemized list that breaks down every aspect of the cost of the work.










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